MRIS believes in complete hands on approach towards education and therefore we ensure that our students are well-versed with every aspect of life even if it no longer exists. Keeping this aim in mind, the students of  Grade V of  MRIS Sector 14 conducted the Paragon Assembly of Unit 6 . The very idea of this assembly was to encourage students to showcase and share their knowledge of the unit about French Revolution with their parents and answer the essential question ‘How have ideas ignited revolutions?’ In the beginning the paragon teachers gave a brief introduction of the situation of France during the 18th century. Then the students told the parents about series of events that led to the French Revolution through a role play. Many of them were dressed up like various important figures of French revolution. They also presented the Revolution song composed by Beatles. Parents were mesmerized by the performance of their wards and kept on encouraging them at every stage. In the end the parents enthusiastically participated in the Quiz conducted by the students based on their understanding of the unit. The various artifacts created by the students during the unit were also well appreciated by the parents. They also praised the efforts put in by the children in their ‘Best out of Waste’ Activity. Overall it was an overwhelming experience for everyone.