As the city enrobes itself in vibrant hues of red to commemorate the ‘silent, holy night’ when the savior of mankind was born, the students of MRIS-Sector 14, Faridabad celebrated the festive spirit in a novel way.

Hosting a plethora of activities on the theme of Christmas, the young learners upheld the need for the resurgence of hope, faith and fresh beginnings to create a healthy and prosperous society. With the stage decorated with colorful posters, large paper stars and intriguing ornaments, the colorful and vibrant image of Santa Claus ploughing through the snow on his reindeer was recreated by the budding artists.

 The students of Early Years celebrated Christmas at Bubbles and Dominos, enjoying the treat with Santa.  They were also engaged in various art and craft activities in the school. Grade II students presented the Nativity Scene ‘Away in the Manger’, Santa making a grand entry with the children. Grade V H students presented Christmas as ‘A joy of Giving’ through a play. The skit was summed up with the drummer boy song bearing the message that only the heart of a true worshipper is rewarded by God. Dressed in the color of Christmas, red, the lovely tunes of carol singers filled everyone’s ears with sheer joy. All the students of Grade V also participated in Inter-class Carol singing activity. The mellifluous strains of the soothing carols ringing through the air put a smile on every face, as everybody joined in the lively rendition of ‘Joy to the world’ and ‘Deck the hall with boughs of holly’.

Grade IX presented their dramatic skills through a skit on the effects of demonetization on Christmas not only drew laughs at the right places but also put forth a significant message that the festival is not merely defined by self-vested materialistic aspirations but is embodied by philanthropy and compassion. Grooving to the unforgettable beats of ‘Jingle Bells Rock’, the students matched steps with one another as they set the stage ablaze with their dazzling choreography. The special appearance of Santa Claus waving and offering sweets to an ecstatic audience left each one enthralled.

Congratulating the students on their brilliant performances, Ms. Mamta Wadhwa, Principal, MRIS-14 inspired the students to treasure their inner goodness and dispel the darkness of animosity and bitterness with the warmth of camaraderie and kinship. The joyous occasion also witnessed the felicitation of the students who win accolades for their brilliance in academics and sports.