Structured programme for teaching the phonics @ MRIS 14

We at Manav Rachna believe in dynamic teaching as we are preparing the future of India. “We believe in doing”, therefore our curriculum provides lots of hands on experience to support the active teaching.  Constant trainings  are provided to teachers by the experts. This Personality Development programme was based on ‘Curriculum of phonics’ for its practical use for classroom teaching. It started with phonological awareness, the study of sounds present in the environment to develop children’s listening and concentration skills. Phonemes, the smallest unit of sound, graphemes, the letter of the sound, segmenting and blending of words was focused at in order to teach English language more appropriately. Ms Elaine and Ms Monica Mukherjee members of ‘Academic Excellence Team’  showed various  videos of classroom teaching from the various part of the world. It was a very fruitful session for all the participants.