With the ongoing theme ‘All About Clothes’ in progress, a lot of fun-filled activities are being conducted in the centers to make learning effective. Keeping this in mind, toddlers of MRIS-14 Faridabad celebrated ‘Hat Day’ with a lot of fun and excitement.

It was a bright sunny day and our little toddlers came dressed with their hats and sunglasses. A lot of activities were planned to make it interesting, we had the hat and sunglasses race and many more fun games for our little toddlers.  They enjoyed spinning their hats up in the air like a Frisbee, as the weather was windy. Children were amazed to see the different kinds of hats worn e.g. a magician’s hat, a cowboy hat and many more hats. This was also, a great piece of knowledge for them. They also posed stylishly for the camera with their lovely hats and sunglasses.  Overall, it was a fun day for our toddlers.