Activities make creative minds work better and also give a focused start to lesson.

Our kindergartners have been enjoying themselves with the present theme “Festivals and food”. MRIS Sector-14 planned to take the little ones to the exotic ‘Journey of Land to Hand’, where they were explained how jam is produced. It was explained with a beautiful and industrious setup with depiction of all the processes involved in the production of jam i.e. right from plucking of fruits to peeling, washing, boiling, packaging etc. The depiction was truly resourceful in understanding the different stages of production of jam.

Apart from this, the kindergartners also learnt a lot about the diverse cultures in India and were told about the national symbols of India. An edutrip to Town Park was also organized where the children reinforced their learning. They could relate well with the information provided by their teachers regarding national symbols. Children were amazed and excited to see the National tree of India i.e. the huge Banyan tree and its uprooted branches. They also felt great pride and patriotism while looking at the National Flag swirling high in the air. As an extended activity, children had put their creativity on paper by drawing and colouring the national flag and the national tree which was indeed a great fun for the little creative minds!!