“It is better late than never”, was the thought process of our parents and grandparents who participated in full force in the Phase I of our Speak Easy Programme. They all joined with an open mind, leaving the inhibitions aside and with the motive to extract the maximum from this programme.

I couldn’t pronounce words normally , I constantly caught myself thinking in my native language and translating into English while speaking,  I would constantly get stuck for words- even thought I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to say….’ I could not hold on to a conversation due to lack of confidence were some of the  apprehensions which the participants shared  and how the ‘Speak Easy Programme’ helped them to regain their confidence and turned them into a new leaf.

They all learnt the mantra in the Speak Easy programme  that the only way of learning Fluent English is …To learn it by speaking,  and to start thinking in  English all the time.

They all went back home with confidence and happiness in their eyes.