MRIS-Sector14, Faridabad always tries to develop scientific temperament in its students. It gives various opportunities to the Students to research and share the knowledge with their peers through various means. This time the students of Grade VI C gave a very interesting information on “Magic of Science”.

The Students performed experiments that combine a bit of magic with a lot of Science to generate a whole bunch of fun. They depicted the experiment showing ‘Disappearing water’ in which water disappears from a jar leaving everyone amazed. Other experiment showed ‘An Invisible Knife’ and ‘The Magic Fluid’ in which the test tube disappears because of the presence of glycerine. The audience not only enjoyed the experiments but also learnt that all the happenings that take place around us are because of the Science involved.

They were also briefed about the amazing discoveries made by the teenagers recently like a renewable energy generator, a purification system, a nuclear fusion reactor etc, which would have certainly motivated the young minds to do something extraordinary in this field and love the subject.  A solo classical dance performance worked as the icing on the cake and enthralled the audience.