Technology has liberated us in so many ways but teaching manners to children and teens remain crucial to our success as individuals and as a society, be it in person or while using technology. The same concept was shared by the students of Grade VI A, VII C and D of MRIS-Sector14, Faridabad, on Etiquettes, Manners and Cyber safety respectively. Grade VII students talked about–what does it mean to be respectful to the teachers, to parents and to ourselves.  Through a skit the talented students showed how to behave with elders, classmates, and teachers.

Grade VI students highlighted upon the effective and careful usage of cyber technology. Its Pros and cons were discussed in a very impactful way. The informative presentation by the students was truly an eye opener for all. The students of Grade VI as well as Grade VII also presented melodious songs and dance performances which perked up everyone’s spirits. The Headmistress, Dr. Shalini Bindra addressed the students and motivated them to imbibe manners in their daily lives as they represent one’s personality.