Diwali Celebrations

From darkness to the light, that empowers us to commit to good deeds, which brings us closer to divinity, our family and friends, Diwali, the festival of lights, the scent of incense sticks in the air, mingled with the sounds of fire-crackers, joy and togetherness is round the corner.

The festival of lights, Diwali was celebrated at MRIS-14, Faridabad with great fervor and fanaticism. The entire school reverberated with joy and festive spirit. Our Early years kids could be seen dressed up in their ethnic attire. The decorative diyas, and the lanterns were adorning the corridors and the assembly area in bright colours. The rangoli done by the students in their classrooms and corridors added the perfect setting to the festivity. The classes VII to XII were involved in the Inter house Rangoli making competition. The students presented their creative skills incredibly. The beautiful rangoli designs made by them uplifted each and every corner of the school.

The Special assemblies were organized by and for the students of different Grades. The students presented beautiful dances and the songs brought out the essence of the festival – celebration of life and goodness. Students not only talked about the significance of the festival – how good always conquered the evil and about why and how Diwali is celebrated across India through amazing skits but even sensitized the students about the ill-effects of bursting crackers. They shared that the smoke of the crackers affects the birds, animals and human beings and pollutes the environment in which we live. The comparison presented between playing safe Diwali by cleaning our surroundings and beautifying our house and locality with colours, lights and decoratiove items, and playing unsafe Diwali with crakers, was overwhelming. After witnessing such presentations each child was touched emotionally and so the entire gathering took a pledge and promised that they will ‘SAY NO TO CRACKERS’ and will enjoy ‘ECO-FRIENDLY DIWALI’.

There was even more planned and to be reinforced with our children on this auspicious day. As we always teach our students that Sharing is Caring, so with the purpose to share the happiness with underprivileged people, NGO Prabhat was invited to put up a stall to sell lamps and candles in the school. Not only this, our students got diyas /candles from their home and donated them to the Cleaning Staff of the school and wished them a happy and prosperous Diwali too.

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