“A genius begins great works, labour alone finishes them.” 

A quote that provokes the thought that success can only be achieved if all people value each other’s work and decide to contribute in their own individual way, because it is only little drops of water that finally make a large ocean. With great emphasis on the fact that without labour nothing prospers, an assembly programme was organized sensitizing the students about the perennial problem of class difference in society. Since times immemorial Indian society mindlessly follows the dictum of occupation in sync with social and economic status.

The Students of Grade VI A of MRIS-14, Faridabad reiterated Gandhiji’s philosophy – “No work is small”. Students presented a small skit sensitizing the viewers about the need to do our work ourselves and treat our servants and domestic helpers with dignity and love. Students learned to respect the hard work put up by these people and empathize with their harsh working conditions. They realized the true meaning and purpose of celebrating Labour Day. The teacher’s talk on the issue made the students acknowledged the contributions of the labour class admitting their irreplaceable inputs for the welfare of the school and motivating students to respect all such people without whose help, life would not be that easy.