Life is moving with such a great speed these days which demands every human being to match the pace else survival becomes a question Keeping this as main focus our young and blooming achievers are also working hard. To give our students a break in this hustle and bustle, a day camp was organized for the students of Grade – II on Friday, 29.11.13. Students started their camp with high energy, joy and excitement. To boost their energy levels, students had their all time favourite macroni and sandwiches in breakfast. The camp had many surprising activities which included stepping stones, balance walk, burma bridge, commando bridge, net climbing, flying fox. Wriggling and many more. After having the lunch and yummy ice creams they proceeded for their races which enthralled the students and the teachers too. Watching puppet show and having French fries and fruit juice was indeed a great joy for the students. Nevertheless the camp was a good stress buster for the students . Our respected executive director, Mrs. Deepika Bhalla, worthy principal Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa and our primary headmistress Mrs. Monika Kathuria also came forth to boost the students’ confidence and joined them in their fun day celebration. At last, we all had a bonfire & Music which filled up the air with positive energy and happiness and students left their joyous day singing and dancing.