It is Christmas in the hearts that put Christmas in the air…….

Christmas celebration is not just about giving and taking gifts. It is a celebration of spreading love and care. It marks the birth Of Jesus Christ, the gift from God. The day dawned with vibrancy as the corridors of MRIS Sector 14 were beautifully decorated with stars, steamers, lights, Snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, reindeer and balloons.  It was a festive scene all around the school. The school observed various activities.

Special assembly

A special assembly was presented depicting the birth of Jesus Christ and the real meaning of the festival. The students presented a carol spreading the message of arrival of Santa Clause, who is there to take all our worries away. The musical dance drama emphasized on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The story on Santa Clause was presented in the form of a skit. It was over all a joyous affair. The delight was uncontained when a whole line of Santa Clause came dancing and singing on the famous ‘Jingle Bells’ jingle. The whole school echoed with their laughter and songs.

Scene depiction

To add to the festive mood, a spectacular Christmas Activity was put up by the students of Grade VI. The show commenced with the beautiful carols sung by students of Grade VI which ushered in the Christmas spirit. Students shared the thought – celebration is about sharing joy and happiness with others, through their carols. This presentation was more special as everything right from decoration to the preparation of the activities as well as the dance was prepared by the students themselves. The activity culminated with the valuable words by Principal ma’am – Ms.Mamta Wadhwa. She wished the students and advised them to be good human beings to enjoy the true essence of Christmas. The students back to their classes humming the tune of their favorite song “Jingle Bells” and their minds full of Christmas wishes.

Candle making

The Art Dept decided to teach its students of class IX and X  to make beautiful gel and paraffin candles in the school itself.  Besides making the candles they also learned to decorate them. They showed great interest and were overwhelmed with the result.

Chocolate making

Christmas festival marks chocolates and cookies. It gives immense pleasure to the students when they are able to make them on their own and gift them. Ms. Shagun taught the students of Grade 8th , the proper way to make chocolates of various sizes and shapes with different types of moulds. The initiative taken was that, “Count the Memories, not the Calories.”Students enjoyed the wonderful experience of making chocolates. When the chocolates were ready, they were offered to the teachers as well as to the students to taste the joy of handmade and fresh chocolates.

Felicitation to the winners

The winners of various competitions were awarded on the occasion By the Principal, Ms. Mamta Wadhwa. She also exhorted the students to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.