Ms. Upasana Mittal

Ms. Upasana Mittal

Headmistress- Senior Wing

The Education system of any society speaks of the advancement of its social fabric. The multiple strands that are woven through the fabric are the innumerable disciplines the student body is exposed to. The colourful hues and the vagaries of patterns are but the creativity of the innumerable students who flow with the surging waves of education.

As an educator empowered with administrative responsibilities, I revel in the journey of the students as they unfold the mysteries of the myriad complexities of education and life.

It has been my endeavour to keep evolving as a professional and a person but staying connected with my students. 

A post graduate in Chemistry from University of Delhi along with a degree in Education and Advanced Diploma in Computers, I come with an experience of over 17 years in both academic and administrative roles. I have been an author for Chemistry practical books with Pearson India Private Limited and a recipient of multiple awards including CENTA TPO 2020. A sense of humour, sense of fairness and subject mastery makes me admirable in the eyes of my students. 

The veracity of my vision, the conviction of my diligence and dedication have been the cornerstone of my narrative. It is with the desire to help shape a better world that I have taken up the mantle of responsibility in this esteemed institution. I will strive forth and ahead leading as we  charge along the pathway of excellence. 

Let us join hands to ensure the creation of new benchmarks of authentic distinction.