Manav Rachna International School, Noida focuses on the development of new age thinking and quality output that promotes global learning to make global citizens essential for the 21st century. It encourages reflective engagement of the students with the effective education in subject areas as well as related areas in education. Teachers are engaged all the year round for the development of curriculum and planning in different areas that would produce a vast array of researchers from amongst our own students. Research work is carried out by our students and presented in the form of published monographs, articles, project work and other creative art works that enables the development of education practice which in turn helps in building understanding of international and global issues.

IMG_5161CREST(Culture in Retrospect for Evolution of Society with Technology) is a product of the intensive research work that was carried out at various levels by the education facilitators to provide a platform to the students to connect their knowledge about their own country with the facts and happenings all the across the world. The students are trained in such a way that they become future leaders. It provides multi-disciplinary training through hands-on activities that initiates students to hone their life skills, spirit of sharing, team work and spoken skills.

Apart from this a lot of workshops are held for the students at regular intervals, education based field trips are planned, Lab visits provide wholesome education, active research work is a part of the various club activities held in school. Space Club provides ample exposure to the students to expand their areas of innovative thinking and learning. Video clips enhance visual skills and make the learning more interactive and effective. Power point presentations by the students based on the research work done by them on various topics strengthens the skills of the students in all areas of work.