Dear Board Examinees

CBSE BOARD EXAMINATION has started and students, we hope you all are not in a stressed frame of mind. But if you are stressed-take a step back, inhale, and relax. Remember who you are and why you are at the place, where you are! You are never put up to any test in this world you cannot handle. Be strong, be flexible, love yourself, and accept failures and success in the same stride. Remember, failure is always coupled with success. No one can be always successful; neither can they slip down the ladder at every attempt. Even an ant slips down the wall umpteenth time while shouldering a tiny grain on its equally minuscule shoulders! Just keep moving forward. No road is smooth. All roads have their ups and downs. Hence, please do not compare your journey with your peers’. You are a different personality with different aims and ambitions. Keep putting in your best. No point in getting stressed! But even if you feel so, we are sharing some tips to be de-stressed by Ms. Pratishtha Satsangi, School Counselor MRIS -14, Faridabad. She expounds ways to reduce stress, optimize time and efforts to do best during CBSE Board Exams.

All the Best


From the Expert’s Desk

Do you know that some amount of anxiety is natural and will help you perform better? While talking about anxiety, it’s the exam time of the year when students go through extreme stress leading to changes in their lifestyle.

If, you are someone having a tendency of losing sleep, either sleeping too much or too little, losing appetite or eating all the time, difficulty in concentrating during exam time, then, here we have some tips for you to overcome them.

  1. Sleep well: Do not pull an all-nighter a day before your exam because a rested brain can retain information better. Having an adequate amount of sleep is a must.
  2. Focus on yourself: Competing with your friends might boost your confidence at times, but is more likely to make you more anxious. Instead of comparing your work with your peers and listening to how much syllabus others have completed, work towards meeting your own expectations from yourself.
  3. Before, during and after an exam: Avoid last minutes of revisions before the exam that will create more confusion. Talk to your friends about anything except studies just before the exam to relax yourself. When you enter the examination hall, do simple breathing exercise to ease your mind. Even after the exam, refrain yourself from discussing the question paper with your peers. Worrying about the previous paper will make a barrier for you while preparing for the next one.
  4. Physical activity: You must not stop exercising due to examination pressure. Regular exercises will help you in releasing brain chemicals for better memory, concentration, and at the same time lifting your mood, lowering your stress levels and all of this contributes to making your performance better.
  5. Avoid stimulants: Having too much of caffeine and other energy drinks increases your anxiety levels. It might energize your mind for a short span of time but in the long run it will hamper your efficiency to yield better result.
  6. Talk to someone: It is normal to feel some jitters before the exam, but you must share the way you feel. You could share your feelings with your friends, parents, teachers or a counselor. One should always remember there are people who can help you and vent out your emotions.
  7. Get the right mindset: Exams are a part of life, and though they play a vital role, but they do not completely determine whether you will be successful or not. Success is more about how a person faces and deals with real life challenges. It tells about how we apply our learnings into reality.Good luck with your exam and spread the positive word.

    Author: Ms. Pratishtha Satsangi, School Counselor MRIS -14