Career and subject selection choices can be a difficult and challenging aspect of a student’s life. We believe that each child is unique and given the right guidance and resources can unlock his/her potential.

The LCDC program works closely with Students from Grade VIII onwards. The program is a balanced blend of informed career counseling, choice making and 21st century desired life skills. Comprehensive psychometric testing, student profiling and portfolio building, industry awareness and connect, and university advisory are some areas that the program works on. The Life Skills program has an interesting blend of topics based on students’ psychological and developmental needs keeping the guidelines from WHO & CBSE in mind. The life skills program aims to create progressive thinkers of the future who are self-aware and future ready and falls under the major pillars of education Learning to KNOW, Learning to DO, Learning to LIVE TOGETHER and Learning to BE.



Collaboration and Competition breed Confidence and Excellence!

Manav Rachna International Schools are a promoter of a healthy environment in the school premises. We believe that to encourage the holistic development of students, it is essential for students to work collaboratively and participate in activities. To ensure maximum participation of students in multifarious activities and competitions, Clans have been established in the schools. The aim of the clans is to provide a nurturing ground to the students for honing life skills.

To instil vigour, artistry, elegance, leadership, agility and grace, four different clans representing different environmental elements and a mascot have been introduced:

  • Air Falcons
  • Forest Rhinos
  • Water Sharks
  • Wild Cats

With the clans, our idea is to instil requisite qualities of integrity, leadership, character, loyalty, respect, sportsmanship, proficiency, and regularity among our students.