Core Management

Aiming to transform dreams to reality, we at MRIS strive to empower young minds to emerge masters in all areas of learning… seeking nothing but excellence for the world of tomorrow.

Yes, MRIS has become a name to reckon with, a landmark in every sense of the word and an epitome of good education and discipline. MRIS has built a reputation that is synonymous with excellence. It endeavours to provide an environment that fosters growth, integrated creativity, exploration and discovery; where children can discover magic in the mundane, enjoy the gift of laughter, broaden their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and ethical horizons in an innovative way.

We build a strong sense of integrity, compassion and generosity of spirit. We induce a quest for inquisitiveness that goes beyond the limitations of conventional curricula, text book and evaluation so that when our pupils leave, they are secure in their abilities, strong in their principles and confident to face challenges. Be it academic excellence, extracurricular activities or promoting technical and scientific temperament via robotics, we deliver the best to include every aspect in our curriculum. The world is a canvas of imagination where students explore, paint and colour their world with dreams. Our goal is to make them tread on untrodden paths, view the sights to scale new heights and win accolades.

With the advent of technology, we need to equip students with all means to brave challenges and emerge overall winners. In this pursuit, we have collaborated with various National and International Knowledge partners to bring global curriculum and standards to our classrooms.

A dedicated team of staff and experts relentlessly work hand in hand to nurture young minds and reach the zenith with panache. At MRIS, we strive and strengthen what our guiding spirit, visionary Chancellor Dr. O.P. Bhalla has envisaged…..a desire for all round,  holistic development for every student to tap the innate ability uniquely for the betterment of human kind.