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Student’s Corner


Books are of so many different kinds,
When children read books what comes to their minds?

A serious kid reads books for hours,
A playful one turns books into towers.

Some kids read recipe books to cook,
And some turn pages and just have a look.

A shy kid uses books to hide,
And some kids use books to fight.

But I love to read books till the day ends,
Indeed, books are my best friends.


Monkey swings on the tree,
the crocodile finds food with ease.

While the lion growls at day,
and the hippo on the pond it lay.

Meanwhile, the birds tweet and tweet,
the squirrels found the yummy food to eat.

Although, the giraffe is so tall,
The trunk of elephant is long and strong.

While the leopard runs so fast,
But the turtle came last.

The rabbits go hopping,
and bear go growling!

This is my dream rainforest,
I found this habitat the best!!


Apart from my exposure to immense opportunities of music performances(special mention, the music fest) and competitions( school rock, Yamaha battle of the bands, to mention a few), I also got to work with the best music teachers through the school.

Rithvick Rao

BOAT NO. 6754

This adventurous story is about Kabir Mahlotra who worked  for Maharashtra Police and was transferred to small city Phoolgarh. With all the excitement in his heart, he went to the police station but was surprised to see only two lazy policemen and one Inspector Balwan. One day he saw the Inspector talking really softly to someone over the phone. What Kabir could make out was– “40 Lakh..Tuesday..Drugs..Boat Number 6754”. He immediately realized that this was his chance to prove himself and be a hero. After making plans, he reached the port and bravely waited for the ship to arrive. After an hour long fight with sailors, Kabir called the Mumbai Police and all the corrupt Phoolgarh policemen and sailors were arrested for their involvement in the drug racket. For his bravery and dedication, Kabir was felicitated by the state police department and was awarded a gallantry medal from the President of India. It takes guts to bring the baddies to book!

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Rishika Kharbanda


This beautiful story is about the way in which a grandchild made his parents realize the importance of family values and hence their mistake. It all started when Sahil returned home after a short trip and couldn’t find Grandpa home. After repeatedly asking his parents, he finally came to know that his Grandpa was sent to an old age home by his dad. He decided that he would try his level best to search for his Grandpa and silently left the house early morning to search for him in every old age home of Delhi. After two days of continuous search, Sahil finally found his Grandpa in a hotel and was amused to see his dad apologize to him and Grandpa. That was the moment when Sahil’s dad realized his mistake and understood how difficult it is to be separated from a loved one.

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Naysa Jain


How can you hide a story that dreams have begun to tell? This story is about an Indian girl Rose who was sold by her greedy parents, Ramkishan and Yogita to an American couple. She was brought up with love by her Mom Mary in America. With the passing on of years, Mary had a dream where she saw a poor lady handing over an infant to a richly attired woman. Mary knew that the time had come for her to tell Rose that they were not her biological parents. Shocked, Rose decided to go to India to meet her real parents only to see greed written in their eyes. As it has rightly been said, there is something beyond our control –they call it destiny and there’s little that can be done to change it!

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Szofia Steger


He knew they were looking for him but not because they cared for him. How can you hide when even the darkness can give you away? This story is narrated by a parrot, Nebo who was being searched by scientists as he had managed to survive the Chernobyl reactor’s radiation without any consequences and glowed in the night. It will be interesting to read how his friends, Tuman and Kvitka helped him escape from scientists. Viktor, his present owner finally rescued Nebo from scientists and now keeps him in a spacious cage with all the facilities. All is well that ends well. Indeed!

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Himal Bhat


This story is about a boy Kartik who returned home after spending years in boarding school and college and landed a fantastic job with a hefty package. Kartik was haunted by an old man, Gajendra Kaka right from his childhood. He appeared from just about anywhere and had evil, piercing eyes. What do you do when someone appears only to you and to no one else? What do you do when he would not leave you, ever? Kartik was petrified and finally decided to share his anxiety with his Dada. Read the complete story to know how Kartik grapples with all that was going wrong in his life!

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Syed Anser


This story is about two passionate players, Ahmad and Meenoo who met in a garage, developed an instant liking for each other and got married raising a happy family. Meenoo was a Kho Kho Champion, left sports because of her leg injury and switched to her studies, passed school with flying colors, went on to earn a post graduate degree and was known to be the best student of Moradabad. On the other hand Ahmad, a football champion also shared a similar story who had to leave sports because of his fractured leg and went abroad to study after receiving a scholarship. Meeting each other was written in their fate. They had four children, the youngest one being Syed Anser – the author of this remarkable true story of his parents.

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Ankit Jha


“I made a Robot, A robot with human intelligence and emotions,” said Shubham Roy, an engineer by profession. He made a human robot, Subhrobo who had a chip inside him which made him aware of emotions. Shubham ordered the robot to scoop maximum gold from a jewellery shop in his greed to become rich but was arrested by the cops. So who do you think brought about his final ruin? Read the story to know more…

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Anna Stegar


This fiction-based story is about a girl Eva who started as a slave and ended up as a heroine. Her parents had died in a horse carriage accident when she was only five. The man who adopted her was greedy and sold her as a servant to Albert. She had a superpower to become a unicorn. Seeing this Hocuspoki, a wizard took her to his cottage but he was caught by Drieme in Death Hall Castle. It will be interesting to read how Eva along with Louie rescued Hocuspoki. Thereafter, she completed her studies from Magic University where she often travelled and rescued people and wizards from evil powers. Soon she was called Eva The Unicorn. If this has shades of Harry Potter in it, well delve further to discover its magical feel…

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Diksha Dawar


Some people have the notion that they can get away with anything. This story is about how a brave boy Samuel, an NGO student, saved thirty children from being sold off to work as domestic helps in a foreign land by Mr. Xavier, owner of NGO who was lastly put behind bars for doing so. It is interesting to read how Samuel along with his friend Howard strategically planned to escape with the other kids. Finally, they both were given bravery awards for rescuing children and saving their lives….

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P Srinath Saavik


There is something absolutely unstoppable about an honest, hard working man with a heart of gold. This story is about Mahesh whose father died in an accident when he was only eleven. On hearing the news, he suddenly grew up in just those moments as he was the only ‘man’ left in the family. He made a strict routine for himself and did his best to support his family. Waking up at the crack of dawn, Mahesh would go to school, come back, have a quick lunch and head straight to work to tend to the fields his father left behind. Time flew and he became a successful architect in Dubai. Read the story to know how Mahesh became the architect of his fate…..

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