Trip to the Parle-G Biscuit Factory: Pre-Primary

Field trips are a way of enhancing classroom learning and give students an opportunity to observe a particular environment, hence achieve a higher level of critical thinking as they evaluate their own learning compared with what they are exposed to. The students are able to modify their knowledge based on their own experiences.  Keeping this in mind, the students of Pre-Primary were taken to Parle-G Biscuit factory. The students were taken to the auditorium where they enjoyed a documentary related to the origin of the brand ‘PARLE’, its founder and various products manufactured by Parle. Soon after, an official took the students to the manufacturing unit, where students got to know about various processes like kneading, mixing, shaping, baking, cooling to the final stage of packing. The icing on the cake was the Biscuits and melody toffee they were gifted before they moved out. Overall, it was an informative, knowledgeable and memorable trip for the students.