In its ceaseless streak of conducting various events on a successful note, Manav Rachna International School, Noida organized a very special event called “The Gallery Walk”. The purpose of the event was to acquaint the parents about the various ingenious activities that were conducted on a successful note during the academic session.


Students of Grade 1, 2 and 3 zealously participated in this peculiar event to portray their flair and passion for developing and creating incredibly unique snippets of art and culture of India, Japan and China.


Ancient China

Grade 1 students learnt about the location of Ancient China and the natural barriers that surround it. They participated in an activity based on the desert life of Taklamakan Desert and the Silk Route. The students of Grade 1 made Giant Panda mask, a veraciously unique example of Chinese wildlife. They explored the great dynasties of Chinese history and learnt about the festivals celebrated in China today. A short skit based on Empress Si –ling also known as the “Goddess of Silk” was enacted by the students.

 Walt Disney and Disneyland

The students of Grade-1 also learnt about Walt Disney, the legendary Cartoonist and Walt Disney’s imperative role in the making of the Disneyland. They got familiarized with many Disney cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Mickey and his Friends – Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto and Goofy, popularly known as the Sensational Six! Ramp walk was done by the students dressed up as the Sensational Six.


Also, during the CREST gallery walk the students showcased various activities such as making the Minnie Mouse bows, coloring Mickey Mouse face mask, carving a cartoon character and naming it.


Japanese Art and Culture


Talking about Grade 2, the students by virtue of their little organic talent depicted the art and culture of Japan by dressing up as Sumo wrestlers and in various other ethnic attires. The spotlight of the event was the endless activities that rendered the Japanese acculturation in an animated way.


Activities such as making of Koifish- The staple food of Japan, making of the Japanese Wish Doll, Daruma Doll, Ikebuna and Bonsai that entailed the arrangement of flowers and growing plants in a small pot caught parent’s attention at once.


In another round of activities that appealed the audiences were Menko Cards- A common Japanese Game, Zen Garden and at last the Sumi Ink Painting.


In Grade 3, the budding children explored and acquired knowledge about the, “Evolution of Architecture” from the primitive to the modern era. The children made attractive projects based on the formation of igloo, cave, house, boat and caravan.


Owing to their proclivity and artistic skills, the young kids also created the masterpieces of various 3D shapes with the help of ice cream sticks and brochure of the Seven Wonders of the World.