Soft Skills Training during Summer Camp

Ability is what you are capable of… Motivation determines what you do… Attitude determines how well you do it …

At Manav Rachna International School, Noida, we strive to showcase the abilities of our students, motivate them to achieve their highest potential and develop a “win-win” attitude. With that motto in mind, a well-defined structured program was conducted during the summer camp for the students to enhance their communication skills, self-concept, attitude, conflict management, the spirit of team work and body language.

The soft skills training program saw participation of students from Grade 6 to 11 and was conducted through various activities, games, inspirational videos, role plays and peer interaction sessions. Students were glad to learn skills like self-motivation, confidence building, dressing styles and team work. The idea behind such programs is to let the students explore a better part of themselves and be better equipped for a challenging tomorrow.

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