Rocksport Adventure: Student’s Day out-Thrill and excitement galore!

Students of MRIS Noida had a blast with a plethora of fun-filled activities organized by Rocksport at Camp Muddy Boots, Greater Noida recently. It was also a welcome foray into the world of adventure and excitement. Students enjoyed various adventure sports such as Burma Bridge, Sport Climbing and Vertical Ladder. Quick decision making and leadership qualities were tested and enhanced when students played games like Commando Net, Bamboo Square and Laser Beam. Strength and team work were put to test through a game of Tug of War. Adventure sports like Zip Line, Hamster Wheel and Zorbing were so exhilarating that it gave them an adrenaline rush. Besides, the brave hearts also enjoyed DJ, Music, Camel Cart ride and even tried their hands at pottery. Indeed, the Rocksport program was highly motivating, enjoyable and left the children craving for more.