Nature walk of Nursery Class

Exploring and experiencing nature in itself is a wonderful activity………

Every walk is an opportunity for children to learn about the natural world and there is always something new to explore.

To make the children aware of their surroundings, they were taken for a walk around the school garden, where they observed objects like plants, insects, birds, twigs, etc. They learnt the things required for the plants to grow – soil, water and sunlight. Children were explained the importance of nature and how we can preserve it. They also learnt about the things which can move, grow, talk, etc. like plants, insects, birds and animals are living things and things which cannot move, grow, eat etc. are non –living objects.

A sorting activity was also conducted to enhance the recalling skills of the children, where they were given the cutouts of living and non-living things and were asked to sort them.  The whole concept was extremely interesting for the children and it was a great opportunity to enhance their interpersonal skills and collaborative learning.


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