“Need is the mother of invention”

Today this quote got its absolute meaning when enthusiastic students of MRIS, NOIDA and Makershala cross all the boundaries to show that it’s not about money, but about one’s dedication, keen effort and potential. They have showcased with the expo that modern education in India doesn’t involve fancy and complicated components but they have exhibited excellent working models of “Home Automation System” by using such basic resources like transistors. It feels immense pleasure and pride to see students showcasing such a great talent.

“The Future of the world is in our classroom today”

Yes, indeed it is true today while walking the corridors each and every model speaks for itself and thus, speaks for the hard work of each and every student. These students are working efficiently such as young students of Grade II, III and IV. Age in which children play with dolls and robots MRIS, Noida and Makershala students are designing Smart Society using Solar Panel working towards Power Conservation. Thus, it is rightly said that the smart individual makes a Smart Society.