‘Magic with Paints’ Activity at Nursery

The Almighty, the greatest artist has painted the Earth with vibrant colours and hues. Colours are all around us and from a very early age, the little ones are attracted by colours. They love to smug colours and use them in all the activities they do.

To make the little ones aware of primary and secondary colours, a colour mixing activity called “MAGIC WITH PAINTS” was organized for the Nursery students of MRIS, Noida. The little artists wore their aprons and geared up for the magic. Each child was allowed to mix two primary colours and watch them change into a new colour. It provided an opportunity for children to think, observe and experiment. The purpose of this activity was to demonstrate to children how the three primary colours red, yellow, blue blend together to form secondary colours. It was an amazing activity which was magical for the children as they saw the new colour being made by mixing primary colours.

2019-11-29T18:02:13+05:30November 29th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Noida Sector 51|