Interpersonal Relationship and Collaborative Work Culture @ MRIS, Noida

“The Best Relationship is not the one being shared in good times ……

But rather the one who has the staying power through the rough time……”

To create a happy and collaborative work culture, Ms. Nindiya Saket, Vice Principal, MRIS-Noida conducted a workshop on Interpersonal Relationship and Collaborative Work Culture for teachers to identify the obstacles of instructional communication among colleagues and to understand the benefits of Collaborative Work Culture which is used for the betterment of student’s welfare.

The workshop contributed to create an understanding of the dynamic student- teacher relationship and demonstrate ways to achieve the end results in Student learning. She specified the importance of 3C’s Conflict, Communication and Collaboration, successfully bringing out our common ground – “Students Melioration”. The motive behind this workshop was to reveal the common agenda of MRIS i.e. “Communication and Trust as being the two main ingredients of a successful relationship and work culture”.

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