Celebrated Parent’s Day 


parent is their child’s first teacher and should remain their best teacher throughout life. Trust and mutual understanding between parent and teacher is the real secret of the child’s happy learning. Keeping this in mind Parents Day was organized for the Toddlers of MRIS Noida.

Parents were welcomed with beautiful badges. A lovely PPT with the memorable moments and activities are done in school was displayed, which the parents thoroughly enjoyed. After this, the children performed beautifully in front of their parents.

There were lots of fun activities, games, group dance arranged for the event to make it memorable. Beautiful cards made by the children along with a photo frame were gifted to each parent. It was a fun-filled day and informal time spent with the parents who helped to build a bond between the parents and the school and was highly appreciated.

2020-02-04T19:08:26+05:30February 4th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Noida Sector 51|