Pink colour is the embodiment of innocence, empathy, and affection, something that is vital to each and every child.

Keeping this thought in mind, ‘Pink Day’ was celebrated by the Toddlers of Manav Rachna International School, Mohali. The children associated the colour with various objects around them like cotton candy, flowers, clothes etc. The essence of pink day was reinforced by the ‘Hot Air Balloon’ craft in which the little ones learnt about various shades of pink through finger dabbing and decorated the same with paper tearing and pink hearts. They were very excited while pasting their own pictures on to the hot air balloons. In addition, Toddlers came dressed up in pink outfits and kudos to the parents for exhibiting such a lot of enthusiasm in getting them ready.

The Pink day thus, helped in reinforcing the concept of colours and the related craftwork sharpened the fine motor skills of the little ones.