Summer Bonanza 2018- Art, Craft, Sculpture, Fitness Dance and Theatre

Manav Rachna Internatoional School, Mohali is offering Summer Camp from May 21, 2018 to June 2, 2018 to give kids and teens an adventurous, active and healthy summer. The children are learning to think and act as artists, makers and designers. They are developing an appreciation of and engagement in Art, Craft and Sculpture through Clay modeling, Murals, Folder Making and many more. Also the children are getting opportunities in theatre class to train and develop their acting skills and to cultivate the creative talent so that, they are able to create, embody, and play a character in any performance medium, integrating vocal, physical, textual, and imaginative resources. Along with all this the kids are joining a fitness dance class, where they are improving their flexibility and coordination. This class completely provides a workout for the whole body.  June 2, 2018 the campers will showcase their talent in these activities learnt during these 13 days. 

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