‘Good Manners are a way of exhibiting one’s Good Personality’

Thus, the little ones were given a pragmatic feel of table mannerisms through role play under the current theme ‘It’s Yummy’. For this, they assisted their In-charge to set up a dummy ‘Kiddies Restaurant’. They were initially given a demonstration on how to conduct themselves while dining out. They then mimicked how to use a table napkin, spoon, fork and other tableware. They excitedly ordered their favourite dishes from the menu while the others, posing as waiters, took the order on their iPads for a technology driven experience.

Toddlers recalled the importance of cleaning their hands prior to eating. The food was lovingly served to the little ones by their peers. In addition to this, they learnt the art of laying a table, appropriate use and placement of cutlery and cups, and basic mannerisms while eating out. This activity helped in enhancing their eye-hand coordination, vocabulary and table etiquette in the most practical way.