World Book Day

“Reading is one of the greatest acts in human life as it utilizes the raw material of the mind to build castles of possibilities.”

To enjoy the perks of reading, World Book Day was commemorated at MRIS, Ludhiana. Various interesting activities were conducted in the school premises such as books of different genre were distributed among students to have this precious element in their hands, and explore and enjoy the entailed contents. The colourful pictures, fascinating stories and thrilling events captivated and fantasized our young readers. They even explored the meanings of new words and terms. This mesmerizing experience of habit inculcation and perception motivated the students to become avid readers. Loud Reading was also exercised and inspirational stories were narrated by our budding readers.

Principal Dr.Rupali Saini encouraged all the students to explore the library for vocabulary building and communication skills. She considered books as best pals and a resourceful means to quench their thirst for knowledge.