‘Wonder out of Waste’ Activity by Grade VII

“The future of plastics: reusing the bad and encouraging the good.”

We all know the phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle but the best way to stamp this by actually doing something in this direction. To make the student’s environment-friendly and conscious citizens of tomorrow, a ‘clock’ and a ‘broom’ out of waste plastic was designed by the students of Grade VII. The students of MRIS reiterated their belief that everyone should be mindful of what they are using and where it is going after they are finished with it and advised their fellow mates to look for products that use less plastic packaging.

With this initiative, they made it clear that recycling and repurposing everyday plastic materials are a lot easier than many may realize, and save tons of money. Also, properly recycling the plastics ultimately benefits the environment by reducing the need for more landfills and conserving energy. The students of MRIS stated that this resourcefulness is their power as a consumer and urged everyone to use this right wisely.

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