Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana intends to create limitless opportunities for the children to think, reflect and develop their emotional quotient, a pre-requisite to success in the present milieu. On the occasion of ‘World Book Day’, a myriad of activities were planned for the students.

The importance and value of the greatest treasure ‘The Books’ were shared with the students through a PPT, which also highlighted the benefits of reading. A story session was conducted by the Early Years teachers for students of EY to Grade II wherein they shared the story ‘Let’s be kind’ with the intention to infuse moral values in the students to help them grow into compassionate human beings. Another virtual storytelling session was organised for the students of Grade III- V to create the magical aura. Ms. Nitika Dutta Gupta, the subject matter expert for Scholastic India conducted a mesmerizing storytelling session wherein she employed voice modulation, gestures, rhyme, rhythm and singing to draw student’s attention. The students enjoyed listening to the stories ‘Bookasura’ and ‘The fabulous friend machine’ with rapt attention. She involved the kids by asking reflective questions and also answered all their queries. Through this wonderful session, the children were introduced to the intricacies of language. It also helped in enriching their vocabulary bank and encouraged them to create their own stories to develop life long memories.

Students of Grade VI-XII enjoyed reading their favourite book during the DEAR period in which 15 minutes were allotted to the students to read their most dear book. They also got an opportunity to interact with the teachers and the peer group about the peculiarity of the book which makes it most dear to them. Overall, it was an enthralling experience for the students. The day concluded with value-based takeaways which will enhance the personality of the students and adorn it with values for life.

‘Happy reading to one and all’