Students explored the Galaxy on the fourth day of Techno-Week at MRIS, Ldh

 “Every day is a perfect day to Techno”

Curiosity is the engine of achievement. To put this thought into action, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana is observing a Techno Week. On the fourth day, the kids entered the Techno Lab through a Spaceship where they saw planets, Moon, Sun and stars.The little ones looked up and mused together asking a variety of questions to their teachers such as what would life be like if we were able to hop between solar systems and galaxies. They also expressed curiosity to know about the world of aliens.

It is noteworthy that our little ones are aware of the Mars being in news a lot these days. They were collecting information about Mars and it seemed as if they were planning to visit the planet.

Their teachers narrated the experiences of the astronauts who made their journey to space which left the students mesmerized. It was indeed a great learning experience for the kids to know that people did travel to space, and how it feels like.

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