In the global war against coronavirus, the doctors, nurses, pathologists and paramedics, Ambulance drivers, medical cleaners, news reporters and all others who are out on duty to protect us from the deadly virus are the super heroes. They have proved- not all super heroes wear capes.


Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana expresses gratitude towards the Corona warriors by joining the celebration of Spirit Day with the MRIS Family.


The students and parents expressed their heartfelt gratitude in the form of illustrations, poems, songs, video clips, cards and even epistles. The teachers appreciated and shared a PPT with the students highlighting the tireless efforts of these warriors to ensure everyone’s safety. The students also got a chance to express their views and feelings about the super heroes with their peer group and the teachers through the interactive virtual session. The students dressed up in white attire – the colour of perfection, safety, purity and cleanliness to express their thankfulness to these Corona Warriors who are strongly holding the shield to protect us from the deadly virus.