Manav Rachna International School affirms that there is one relationship in this mortal life that effortlessly scores above all other known relationships on this Earth. A special virtual session was organised to honour the superwoman in each house- ‘The Mothers’ on the eve of ‘Mother’s Day’. The session aimed at recognising and applauding the efforts of selfless soul, who works tirelessly every day to ensure that each and every member of the family is contented.


Theme of the session was- ‘India and its varied culture’. The mothers expressed their thankfulness for the special theme chosen which actually provided them a feeling of freshness in this lockdown period. The mothers felt on the top of the world as their little ones expounded their emotions towards them. A PPT was presented by the class facilitator in which a quote was chosen for the mother of each and every student of the class along with the picture of the duo. The session turned out to be an emotional one in which the mothers felt elated by the gratitude expressed by the kids. Sometimes, we need a reminder of how profoundly and proficiently God works in our life bringing us all together like a beautifully written symphony. Perhaps Mother’s Day is just one of those reminders. The person we call Mother is true love and grace manifested- love and grace placed there by the hand of God.


‘Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms around the World. You rock!’