‘Show and Tell’ is a time-tested way for building classroom community. It develops the skill of presentation to a big group and listening to one another. It allows children to give wings to their imagination and express their thoughts creatively. It is also a great way to encourage child`s interest in a particular topic and a chance for children to think out of the box.

With the aim of providing an opportunity to our students, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana organized a ‘Show and tell’ competition for students of Early Years to develop effective communication skills and to build confidence in them. They learned and experienced public speaking….. a skill that kids will use throughout their life.

In the competition the kids spoke on different topics like pollution mask, mobile phone, fighter tanks, etc. They described them with a lot of confidence, expressions and voice modulation. Overall, the show was a spectacular learning experience for the kids.

Principal Ms. Anju Dhawan was highly impressed by the way children conducted themselves. She congratulated each participant and the teachers for the excellent efforts put in.