Ludhiana Culminated Techno Week in a Grand Way

“The mind has a skill, but it has no intelligence; it has a functional utility, but it has no awareness.”
Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana observed “Techno Week” recently which culminated with a lot of learning that inculcated interest in space and satisfied the queries of the students. Various activities were organised for the pre-primary kids throughout the week. Students were curious to learn about the working of different gadgets and were able to connect to the real space life.

The young learners were apprised that the Earth is a unique planet. The demonstration on the restless earth, moon, stars and various other celestial bodies left the children mesmerised. The catapult was displayed and information was shared about its parts. The children learned to make catapult using ice cream sticks and rubber bands.

In addition to this, they also learnt the Newton’s Third Law of motion that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The cherry on the cake was the creation of the spaceship and rockets created by the teachers for the little ones. To everyone’s surprise an “ALIEN” arrived at the spot out of nowhere to take the children to the space ship. The teacher disguised as an alien and informed the students about their lives and survival in the space and their homes in various planets.

At the end of the week, their joy knew no bounds as they witnessed the rockets, catapult, Bee-Bot and Scribbling Bot and a spaceship. Principal Dr.Rupali Saini said that we, at MRIS, are very enthusiastic and are looking forward to working with students to make the optimum use of their skills and technology as technology has a prominent place in Manav Rachna International Schools.

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