“If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction”

Life Skills play an important role in our life as they provide us all the positivity and confidence to face and successfully overcome the challenges in our life. MRIS Ludhiana believes in infusing the confidence in the children right from Early years of education. The topic selected for Grade–Nursery was KINDNESS. The class facilitator beautifully explained the meaning of kindness and shared the joy that random acts of kindness bring along while making others happy. An engaging activity- “Jar of Kindness” was carried on during the session to inculcate the habit of being kind in their daily routine. Children with the help of their moms selected four activities to be performed during the week. They were asked to put the slips of their choice in the “Jar of Kindness” so that they inspire them to accomplish the chosen acts of kindness.

During the class, students shared with the teacher, the activities they will execute during the week. Most of them chose- “Feed the dog”, “Water the plants”, “Save the Environment”, and “Help their Grandparents” at home. The students shared their pictures with the teacher while performing those activities. This was an opportunity for every child to learn about kind deeds in their life and become a gentle human being. Altogether, it was an enthralling and joyous activity for the little ones, which made them feel happy to be involved in!!