MRIS, Ludhiana invited Col. Sandeep Bhatia and Lt. Col. Harsh Wardhan Pande on the virtual platform recently for an interactive session with the students of Grade IV-VII. The students enthusiastically participated in the session to come forward and know the officers better. It was an insight into the hardships and challenges faced by our forces. One of our greatest blessings is our freedom. This is a blessing to which we owe a great debt of gratitude to our heroes – the men and women of our armed forces. Each day is accompanied by challenges for them, as they scan the horizon for terrorists, improvised explosive devices and other threats. While we laugh and mingle with loved ones at holiday parties, they’re working for long hours counting on their brother or sister soldier to protect their back. We all have witnessed their unflinching resolve to do what is right, their willingness to go the extra mile and their constant effort of putting of others before self. The officers felt elated to answer the thoughtful queries put forward by the students like the challenges faced on duty, How to handle stress and pressure, How do the soldiers connect with their heads in the battlefield, What gives soldiers strength when they are away from their families etc. The officers also felt nostalgic while sharing their childhood memories with the students. They also shared tips with the students on health and fitness.

Col. Sandeep Bhatia who actively participated in the Kargil War or Operation Vijay shared his experience from the battlefield, the positivity and bravery displayed by our soldiers made each and every person present in the session proud to belong to a country of the brave. The officers motivated the students to never lose hope and strive for the best in life. The students expressed deep gratitude to the officers as they got great ideas from the officers’ personal experiences on how to overcome adversities and turn them into success. Brave men in uniform are a role model for our upcoming generation for the strong will power and dedication they exhibit.

Ms. Anju Dhawan, Principal Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana thanked the officers for taking out time from their busy schedule and for being a part of this session which will definitely make a great difference in the life of students and infuse them with lifelong positivity. The session concluded with the National Pledge taken by the students along with Col. Sandeep Bhatia.