Folk Song Competition

“Folk song is not so much a body of art as it is a process, an attitude, and a way of life; its distinguishing features lie not within the songs themselves, but in the relations of those songs to a folk culture.” – Sam Hinton

A folk song is essentially a subjective expression of our emotions. Punjabi folk songs are simple, charming and depict sincerity of emotion and purity of heart. The entire Punjabi culture is wonderfully reflected through folk songs.

To keep the spirit alive, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana organized an Inter-house Group folk song competition. Students from Grade V-VIII came swinging for the eclectic performances. Audience comprised Primary & Senior wing students. Everyone enjoyed the performances on songs like Jinduaa, Challa, Latthe di chadar, etc. Aura was set for the same and everybody seemed flowing in a melodious stream of rhythm. The humour, mischief and the typical tone of the songs mesmerized the audience.

Principal Dr. Rupali Saini said, “The essence of folk songs is ever-evolving, ever-enriching and ever-entertaining. Further elaborating the importance of the folk songs, Dr. Saini said , “Folk songs have always been an integral part of our rich culture”.

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