Culmination Ceremony of Environment Week

The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to Earth. -Marlee Matlin

A marvelous culmination ceremony of the Environment week at the school was observed on July 10, 2018. The entire campus was reverberating with the unanimous slogan of ‘Go Green.’

A Special Culmination Assembly was observed with the beautiful enactment of ‘Save the Environment’, which was depicted by Grade V students. A PowerPoint presentation was given to stimulate the students for keeping their surroundings cleaner and greener.

The entire week boasted of a cavalcade of learning activities for Early Years to Grade X. Students of Grade IX and X planted trees to spread the Go Green message more fervently. Bird feeder making along with feeding the birds, collection of Nature Trash and creation of Photo frames with the same, Bonding Times – Flameless Cooking Activity reaped participation and appreciation from the exuberant mothers. Flameless cooking activity inspired mothers to cook on less heat and try to prepare flameless & nutritious dishes for their children.

Principal Dr. Rupali Saini addressed the assembly and once again cheered up the students for making earnest efforts to be vigilant about the defacing of the Mother Earth. She gave a clarion call to all by expressing that Mother Earth is the one that nurtured us, now it’s our moral duty to give her back what we received.

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