“When the vigour is high, you become unstoppable.”

It is rightly said that when you are full of energy and zeal, you become the most powerful creature on the Earth. Even the frosty, foggy and chilly Sunday morning couldn’t keep the MRIS Team and BNI members, full of josh, confined to their cosy homes. A friendly cricket match was organised in the playground of MRIS, Ludhiana. Ms. Anju Dhawan, Principal MRIS extended a warm welcome to the players and wished them all the luck. The campus reverberated with the echo of cheers from the team members and was engulfed with verve.

The team players exhibited a wonderful show. They also got an opportunity to take a round of the school campus and know more about the unique features of MRIS, Ludhiana through fruitful interactions. Exciting games were organised for the children to be played teaming up with their loving mothers.

Highlighting the significance of sports and good health, Ms. Anju Dhawan, Principal said that we can relish the beauty of life only if we possess good health. She added that goals are attained not by strength but by perseverance. Sports form an integral part of the curriculum we offer, as it not only enhances the physical and mental development of children but also aids in imbibing life-long moral values in them and turning them into assets for the society and country.