CREST Assembly

‘When learning joins hands with Art and Technology, horizons expand and learning grows manifold.’

CREST stands for ‘Culture in Retrospect for Evolution of Society with Technology’. At Manav Rachna International Schools, CREST is a well-designed, highly-engaging and integrated global-studies curriculum specifically curated for MRIS Community of Schools. CREST Curriculum is followed in Primary Years from Grade I to V.

Students at the school look forward to CREST Assemblies as these Assemblies present a broad spectrum of activities and are a great platform for the students to learn and perform novel and innovative things in a beguiling manner. CREST takes students on an unforgettable journey from pre-historic times to the 21st century and along the way, introduces them to the rich and diverse cultures that make up our world.

The D-Day of the CREST Assembly took off on a splendid note. The multifarious themes viz Our Community Helpers, Egyptian Civilization, Indus Valley Civilization, were exhibited by respective grades I to V. Abundance of Enactment, Dialogue Delivery, Dancing, Singing in the Assembly mesmerised the Parents.

The 3-day CREST program depicted media-rich experiences and portrayed students displaying diverse global cultures through potpourri of activities which integrated art, language, music, drama, history and technology.

The students presented a superlative cavalcade of CREST. The involvement of Students and teachers was highly engaging and appreciable. Expressing her views on the occasion, Dr. Rupali Saini, Principal averred that the Learning outcomes of CREST Assemblies are positively multi-faceted. She further opined that as technological developments make our world a smaller place and necessitate constant inter-cultural exchange, CREST uniquely prepares students for an increasingly global marketplace. The everyday innovative classroom teaching when exhibited through CREST assemblies was worth a sight for the Parents and it all ended on a satisfactory note.

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