“Knowledge is experience, everything else is just information.”

The enthusiastic students of Grade–II, MRIS-Ludhiana showcased their learning on the Topic: Shelters, Different types of homes and their types. While being involved in learning, the students agreed that shelter is the basic requirement of every living being. They examined everything from trailers and apartments to farms and houseboats. Children were encouraged to use descriptive words, phrases, and drawings to compare and contrast the different kinds of homes. They also learnt that the climatic and economic activities play a vital role while choosing the style of shelter and construction material. The activity was based on experiential learning wherein the students created different types of shelter using waste material available at home. With hands-on experience, students learnt to create various kinds of shelters using limited resources and also experienced the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of homes and discussed it with the facilitator. The young learners got a chance to create their own home, detailing their own thoughts, feelings, and creativity. Overall, it was an enriching experience for the kids.