Counseling Session for Grade V & VI Students

“If you have a dream, gather courage to believe in it and leave no stone unturned to shape it into a reality.”

Focussing on the goals and being consistent in their efforts are the preliminary traits that help students to grow confident and competent becoming achievers in all the spheres of life. MRIS Ludhiana aims to instil the attitudes and traits that make children grow responsibly.

A counselling session ‘I can and I will’ was organised for the students of Grade V and VI, motivating them to deal valiantly in all circumstances. The innocent minds were groomed to understand emotions and conflicting self defeating thoughts. Identification of strengths and reinforcement of positive thoughts were considered as an essential morale booster.

The session aimed to infuse the thought that all the students are sparkling stars in the MRIS galaxy transformed to spark and shine always. The Interactive session also included an inspiring story ‘Habits have deeper roots’ persuading the students to inculcate good habits that would help them evolve victorious in all situations.

Principal Ms. Anju Dhawan sensitized the precious gems to fight the negative inside and emerge out triumphant and undefeated.

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