Concoction of Innovation

Concoction of Innovation MRIS, Ludhiana

Teachers are solar powered as they recharge themselves during the summer break. Research too validates the positive impact of break from work resulting in improvements in cognitive functioning in enhanced manner. Staff members joined back work on June 25, a week before the reopening of the school for its young learners.

An exemplary portrayal of the intrinsic motivation resultant in innovation was worth eulogy. Teachers came prepared with concoction of innovation. Teachers from Early years to Grade X came over brimming with novel and unusual teaching ideas and aids for optimum and better learning of the young learners.

Eulogizing the strenuous efforts of the teaching staff, Principal Dr. Rupali Saini averred, “Innovation and dedication are the pre-requisites in the 21st-century education. To keep the young learners motivated; fresh and unconventional ideas are the source for optimum learning. Teachers are the role models for these young learners. To instill inquisitiveness and innovation in young learners, teachers themselves need to be portraying the same.”

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