2-day-interactive-session on Sex Education

“Answering questions is a major part of sex education. Two rules cover the ground, first always give a truthful answer to a question, and second regard sex knowledge as exactly like any other knowledge.”

The school recently organised a 2-day Interactive Session on Sex Education. The session was designed for the students of Grades VI to X. The role of a Medical Expert & Counsellor is important in dealing with such significant issues so Dr. Anshul Mahajan, Consultant Psychiatrist from Manas Clinic, Tagore Nagar Ludhiana was invited to address the concerns of the young boys. This sensitive issue of sex education has always been considered a stigma in our society and education revolving around it has always been left mid-way.

The session was aimed at building a strong foundation for lifelong good sexual health by acquiring accurate information, attitude, belief and values about one’s identity and relationships. The widespread gender inequality faced in the society makes it challenging for adolescents to attain the knowledge they need, but these adolescents need accurate and comprehensive education about sexuality to practice healthy behaviour as adults.

In the present times where sexual exploitation or molestation cases are on the rise, it is the responsibility of our education system as well as parents to educate the young children. The school Counsellor and the Medical Expert from the school also played pivotal role in disseminating vital knowledge pertaining to a plethora of age relevant topics like Adolescence, Puberty, Psychological changes during Hormonal changes, Hygiene, Good health and Nutrition etc.

Hence, a healthy interactive session culminated in well-informed students.

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