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SEN department at Manav Rachna International School, Sec-51, Gurugram exemplifies the above statement by equipping our students with special needs, with the required skill set to achieve their true potential. We are responsible for the early identification, informal assessment and remedial intervention for students with special education needs. A referral to the SEN department may be made by the Principal, the coordinator or the Class Teacher. Our qualified counsellor and special educator then take the referral forward in the student’s best interests.

  • Special Educators make the IEP and parents are constantly updated, and involved in the process through regular meetings and suggestions for home programs to work on the areas of need.
  • Regular workshops and presentations are conducted for the school faculty to sensitise them to the special education needs of their students, and to keep them updated about the latest research findings, teaching methods and legislations in the field.
  • Special Education Needs department is not a coaching center, extra class or a substitute for curriculum. It is a facilitation center for students who have special needs till they are able to independently perform according to their age and grade level.


  • To identify and informally assess students with special educational needs, who are challenged by the academic demands of their class curriculum, and the social expectations they are faced with.
  • To provide effective strategies and coping mechanisms within the school framework.
  • To maintain a constant feedback loop with their respective teachers, and actively engage students in the classroom.
  • To foster a sense of independence and confidence in the students.

Special Educators of Gurugram Sector 51

Ms. Geeta Dhawan

 Special Educator

Ms. Elesaba Khakha

Special Educator

Ms. Ritika Logani


Ms. Sonal Rathore


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