Counselling and Inclusive Education

“What you say in here, stays in here”-This approach is followed by the MRIS staff to ease the students to shed their apprehensions and share their feelings with the counsellor. The counselling section at MRIS-51 aims to- Establish effective study skills through regular Career Counselling, build positive feelings toward themselves and others, Develop Communication skills, Cope with physical changes and their surroundings through workshops and talks by people from mental health sector, Identify and accept their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses, Recognize the causes and effects of their actions and most importantly receive crisis intervention when necessary. Regular workshops and talks with staff members and parents make the MRIS environment conducive for healthy mental growth of its student.

MRIS-51 believes that, “it shouldn’t matter how slowly children learn as long as we encourage them not to stop”. The staff believes that special education does not mean that the child is incapable of learning it means they need continuous specially designed support in order to succeed. MRIS in its endeavour to give optimum support to children with special needs follow inclusive education policy to the core. Inclusive education has been successfully embedded into the school system in such a way that children with special needs have comfortably adapted the mainstream learning with support. Inclusive education at MRIS aims at ensuring multi-sensory approach to instruction and assessment, integrate students into mainstream classroom through Differentiated Instruction, ensure continuous improvement in learning and most importantly develop the confidence and personality of the student to serve as a productive contributing global citizen. 

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